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Case for fronzen shoulder and some other chronic illness

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Woman, 62 yrs, Cold hand and feet, constipation, lack of energy and lots of stress from work, has shingles and also Rynaud's syndrome over 3 years. She has also suffering from frozen shoulder over two years and has insomnia for long time, wake up for a few times every night and hard to go back to sleep. X-Ray for shoulder showed at August, 2018 there is a piece of sediment of 2 cm of thickness x 3 cm of length. After 4 months treatments, at Jan. 10 her X-Ray showed there is only a fine line of sediment.

Below is her email:

Surprise!!!! Good news!!!!

Hi Connie, I have a very good surprise for y. Last August, my X-Ray for my shoulder showed a piece of sediment of 2 cm of thickness x 3 cm of length. Today, my X-Ray showed a fine line. The doctor gave me the choice to do the infiltration or not. I did not do it. This is unbelievable when you know that it was increasing for the last 2 years. This is a great, great news. I am very, very happy to see the effect of your remarkable work.

Below is her X-ray at Auguest, 2018


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